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Rates, Policies & Amenities

2018 Room Rates
(All Guests pay a refundable Towel & Key Deposit of $10.00)
Monthly, long-term rental available —please inquire as to its availability.


Countertop in the common kitchen.

Kitchen Facilities

Our Kitchen is not the largest but it features a gas oven and range, a microwave, and more cooking and eating utensils than you can shake a stick at.

Kitchen sink & dish station

We expect all of our guests to clean up after themselves in a prompt and cheerful fashion, so that the kitchen is available at all times for all guests' use.

the breakfast shelf

Complimentary Breakfast

We provide a variety of breakfast foods for our guests during their stay. A variety of dry cereals, pancake mix, bread and butter and peanut butter, as well as fresh eggs.

the Wash Tub Laundromat

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located a block away, and were even used for a scene in Breaking Bad! There are a ton of machines, so you should never have to wait in line.

Lowe's Corner Market


Groceries are available at Lowe's Market, which is around 7 blocks away, and features a great variety of produce, meats, dried goods and also beer, wine & liquor. There's a Walgreen's Drug Store within 15 minutes walking distance.

Guerilla Graphix Custom Apparel & Novelties

There are a variety of other places to shop or eat, such as the Old Town District and downtown —a short walk in either direction from the Hostel. Both neighborhoods also boast a number of bars and clubs if you are a fan of the night life. The Nob Hill district, east a couple miles on Route 66, is a popular destination for restaurant dining and spirit-imbibing.


  • Check-in is 4:00 pm and Check-out is 10:30 am
  • Room fees are to be paid at check–in.
  • Guests adding additional nights to their stay must do so by 10:30 am.
  • Sleeping Bags must be stored in a designated place for the duration of your stay (bed-bug prevention measure, for the good of all)
  • Guests are expected to clean up after themselves in a reasonable time and fashion in any and all common areas
  • Food stored in common areas must be labelled if you do not want to share it with all
  • Individual guests may cancel a confirmed reservation without penalty up to fourteen days prior to scheduled arrival. Late cancellations will incur a minimum charge equal to one scheduled night's stay.
  • For groups (6 or more individuals) please inquire about rates, deposits and cancellation terms